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  • Max Sydorenko

Bucha massacre: the true face of Russian fascism

Today, on April the 3rd, the whole world saw the true face of the Russian occupiers and understood their real motivation in Ukraine. More than 460 civilians in Bucha, the city which is just 30 kilometers far from Kyiv, were found killed. Dead people with clear signs of torture were found everywhere: on the streets, in the basements of their apartments, in the gardens of their private houses. The photos and videos made by Ukrainian journalists and soldiers of the Ukrainian army clearly show that Russians have captured and tortured civilians before killing them.

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How could it happen in the 21 century? What would happen to Ukrainian women and men if the Russians captured the whole country?

Civilized world will never forget the Bucha massacre. Everyone, who took part in the "operation" in Ukraine, everyone who gave criminal orders and came to Ukrainian cities with weapons should be punished. We all hope that the massacre in Bucha will lead to a full-scale investigation conducted by the International Criminal Court in Hague.


03.04.2022, War Day 39

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