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  • Max Sydorenko

Chernihiv: Russia tries to create one more "Mariupol"

The tactic of Russian forces in Ukraine is now clear. The occupiers try to surround large cities and put pressure on the Ukrainian government and people by creating a humanitarian crisis.

The city which has saved Kyiv on the first day of the war, Chernihiv, is reported to be surrounded by Russians with no routes that people and humanitarian missions can use. The situation becomes even more difficult due to the bridge's destruction on the road going to Kyiv.

Ukrainian war journalist Andrii Tsapliyenko (watch his Telegram: has also reported that the city is surrounded. He was wounded in the village close to Chernihiv on March 25th.

The last time when Chernihiv citizens could evacuate from the city was on March 23rd. Since then, there was no sign of positive news about the humanitarian corridors to be opened.

We all hope that Ukrainian Army will advance in the upcoming days and save the city from the disaster. All three morgues of Chernihiv are full. According to the city major, around 40-50 people are buried daily in common graves:

We will never forget these crimes.

Video by "New Chernihiv" TV channel



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