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  • Max Sydorenko

How Ukrainian surgeons save people at "Azovstal" in Mariupol

Having no conditions that are even close to "sanitation" or "sterility", Ukrainian surgeons continue their work; they save the lives of civilians and soldiers wounded by Russian bombs, bullets, and fragments of buildings.

Ukrainian journalist, Andrii Tsapliienko, has published some terrible photos (watch the gallery below) from the "Azovstal" plant basement in Mariupol. He has commented on the photos saying:

"You may seem these pictures terrible. You may close your eyes. You may close your laptop or turn off your computer. But, all these people will not survive if they can't escape from Mariupol. You can see the field hospital under the "Azovstal" plant here. Azov regiment has been showing these pictures for the first time. Surgeons work here 24/7. They pull out the shards, amputate limbs, and suture wounds. Everyone understands that Russians will not leave them out alive. But, there is hope. The small hope that Ukrainian forces will save them. They will do what they must do until the end".

Watch more news and photos at:

Since the 1st of March, the Ukrainian city Mariupol has been surrounded and bombed by Russian forces. Having no chance to escape from the city, at least 1000 civilians reported staying together with "Azov" regiment sliders and warriors from other Ukrainian units at the "Azovstal" plant.

All the efforts of the Ukrainian Government, the Red Cross, the Turkish President and other officials to agree on the green corridor for civilians had no result. Instead, Russia used strategic aviation to bomb the plant with FAB 3000, 1000, and 500 bombs.

The only hope for the Ukrainian army and civilians surrounded at the plant is a rescue operation, which can be made by Ukrainian forces, which now seems to be unlikely.


27.04.2022, War Day 63

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