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  • Max Sydorenko

Kharkiv: the next stop for Russian war crimes

Russian forces continue committing war crimes in Ukraine.

Since April 14th, the second-largest city of Ukraine, Kharkiv, has been heavily shelled by Russian artillery. The shellings which took place between the 14 and 16 of April prove the criminal nature of the Russian regime and army. The main targets for the invaders were civilians and civil objects in the city and its outskirts.

On April 15th, at least 7 people, including 7-months old child, were killed, more than 40 wounded due to the airstrikes.

On April 16th, there were multiple airstrikes on the city's civil objects. The video taken by "Nastoyashcheye Vremya" immediately after the shelling displays the so-called "peacekeeping" operation results.

Russian officials have denied all the atrocities made by their soldiers in Ukraine and declared that their army targets military objects only. That's not clear what military objects were placed in the park where Kharkiv citizens used to walk.

Kharkiv firefighters had several calls from different corners of the city. The photos and video below were taken by the State Emergency Service correspondents who visited an administrative building after being bombed with Grad rockets.

Video fom the place where Russain rockets targeted an administrative building (source:

Despite the air attacks conducted, the Ukrainian army and the Territorial Defense Forces keep the situation in Kharkiv and its outskirts under control.


17.04.2022, War Day 52

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