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  • Max Sydorenko

Mariupol: the fortress of freedom continues fighting!

On April 11th, the representatives of the Azov regiment reported on their Telegram channel ( ) that Russian invaders used the Chemical Weapons to fight Ukrainians. The day before, the leader of Donets Terrorists, Basurin, made a statement on Russian TV Channel 1 where he said that the terrorists and Russian troops would use chemical weapons to fight the defenders of Mariupol.

There is no way to prove that the chemical weapon was used. However, in Ukraine, we do not doubt that Russians can and have already used this weapon against Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. After the bombardments of Mariupol maternity hospital, theater, and hundreds of other civil objects in the city, we believe that the "Russian world" can also commit this crime.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian warriors still stand against the prevailing enemies and defend the city and its people.

On April 12th, Ukrainian journalist, Tsaplienko (, published the appeal of a young and brave Ukrainian soldier. Look into his face. Look into his eyes. Read what he says.

Speaks in Russian:

"All can see the "Russian world" behind me. Azov, CORD, Special Operations Forces, National Guardians, Border Guardians, Security Service Man, Marines, and other units. We are here. We fight. We combat. We have no fear; we are brave and strong. "Russian world" has come to make a genocide of Ukrainian people. Helpless and feared Russian soldiers of occupiers kill our people and destroy our houses". Continues in Ukrainian:

"We appeal to every human being. Let's finish this monstrous "Russian world". Mariupol is Ukraine. We wait. Glory to Ukraine!"


12.04.2022, War Day 48

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