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  • Max Sydorenko

The high price: Russia has lost more than 14 000 soldiers since the war started

On Feb 24th, the Russian army bombarded lots of military and civilian objects in Ukraine and crossed the country's border from the North, East, and West. Russian commanders expected that Ukrainian armed forces would not stand more than 3 days.

Today is the 18th of March, and the war called by Russian officials "peacekeeping operating" has turned out to be a bloody mess with lots of war crimes made. Ukrainian Ministry of Defence provides daily reports about the losses of the Russian army. These reports show that by March 18th, the aggressor has lost more than 14.000 soldiers killed.

How many soldiers were wounder - this number can be 2 or 3 times higher than the number of dead soldiers.

Russian officials and media have denied large-scale losses of the Russian army as they always did at any conflict: Chechen war, Georgia, Abkhazia, etc.

No doubt, the resistance of the Ukrainian army and territorial defense forces on the land will increase the death toll significantly if Russia continues its war in Ukraine. Russia has been paying a high price for its war in Ukraine. How acceptable is this price for Russian society?

In the upcoming months, we will see it when the fresh graves will cover Russian cemeteries in all cities and villages of the country which pretended to be great...




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