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  • Max Sydorenko

Reasons Behind This Website

On February 24th, Russian Federation started an unprovoked, full-scale, bloody war against Ukraine, a sovereign, independent country in the Eastern part of Europe.

According to Russian officials, the goal of the aggression is to ensure the security of the Russian Federation and stop Ukraine on its way to NATO and the EU.

To achieve its imperialistic goals, Russia has targeted military and plenty of civilian objects, which cause the largest humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and Europe since WW2.

By the end of the second week of the war, more than 2 million people had to leave Ukraine and flee to the EU, more than 500 civilians were killed, more than 5 million people across Ukraine had to leave their residence to escape from war.

Russian forces have surrounded and heavily bombed such Ukrainian cities as Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Mariupol. The whole world has witnessed Russian airstrikes where maternity hospital in Mariupol became a target, with 17 people wounded and 3 killed. This unpretending act of genocide has happened on March 9th.

To protect our homeland and help the regular army defend our land, the people of Ukraine created the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF). Each Ukrainian city, town, and small village has created its unit. The number of Ukrainian women and men who agreed to join the forces exceeds the capabilities of the Ukrainian Government to equip the forces with all the equipment our defenders need.

Accorind to The Kyiv Independent, more than 100.000 Ukrainians have joined the formations:

Ukrainian volunteering organizations and individuals unite their efforts to supply our defenders with helmets, body armor, radio stations, drones, tactical gear, medicine, and everything else needed to protect the lives of our warriors. This website has been created as part of an initiative launched by Maksym Sydorenko, whose father serves in Cherkasy city Territorial Defense Forces. The goal of the initiate is to help Ukrainian warriors defend our land. If you stand together with us, if you believe in the power of truth, take an action! Share the information about this initiative, donate, do anything you can do to support the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom.


Sincerely yours, Maksym Sydorenko

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