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  • Max Sydorenko

RIP: Cherkasy says a final goodbye to three soldiers on May 6th

On May 6th, hundreds of Cherkasy citizens, Ukrainian military and civilians, came to the square of "Soldier's Glory" to say a final goodbye to three Cherkasy citizens, members of the Cherkasy Territorial Defense Forces unit, which was sent a few days ago to the city Popasna, in the East of Ukraine.


Photo by Suspilne.Ukraine, Cherkasy, May 6th

Yevgeniy Staryntes, Volodymyr Kalinichenko, and Vitalii Osadchyi served in one platoon of the Territorial Defense Forces of Cherkasy city. On the first day of Russia's invasion, together with hundreds of other brave men, they came to the city's commissariat and agreed to join Ukrainian forces.

After 60 days of training and service in the Cherkasy region, they agreed to join the union, which had to be sent to the hottest spot in the East, Popasna city.

Unfortunately for all of us, they lost their lives in the battle for Popasna and have come to their home as heroes. Many other Cherkasy Territorial Defense forces members were wounded and are in Cherkasy hospitals now.

We pray for all Ukrainians who gave their lives for freedom and peace, we wish everyone who is now defending Ukraine to get back home alive and with no wounds.

If you wish to help us equip Ukrainian soldiers with everything they need to defend our country, please donate. Visit this document to find out how you can help money for the needs of the Cherkasy Territorial Defense Forces:


07.05.2022, War Day 73

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