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  • Max Sydorenko

Russia kills its own journalists in Kyiv

Today, on March 23rd, Russian army continued to shell the Ukrainian capital. Dozens of houses in two districts were damaged. Russian journalist Oksana Baulina, who worked as a field reporter for The Insider online media, was killed at the place where she came to film the result of previous shelling. One more civilian was killed, two others were reported wounded. Oksana Baulina was a Russian journalist.

25-years old woman had to leave her country after Navalnyi's foundation was recognized as an extremist organization. The shelling of the same place shows the ugly nature of Putins' regime. It was absolutely obvious that some medical workers, journalists, people from the rescue services would come to the place. Our condolences to all victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The Insider statement:


Kyiv, 23.03.2022

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