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  • Max Sydorenko

Ukrainians continue fighting against the prevailing enemy

Volodymyr Zelensky, the first Ukrainian President, recognized by the "Times" readers as the most influential person globally, has reported the tremendous advantage of Russian forces in the Ukrainian Donbas region.

These days, Russian troops have concentrated their efforts on encircling the most Eastern cities under Ukrainian control now, Severodonetsks and Lysychansk. Both cities have been heavily shelled by Russian artillery and aviation since the first day of the war. If Russian forces take control over these two cities, they will report the second big win for Putin's regime in this war.

The first one was capturing the South city, which has become the place of glory for Ukraine and the place of the genocide of Ukrainian people, Mariupol.

Today, when speaking about the current status of the war at the Davos forum, Mr Zelensky said that the advantage of Russian forces in the heavy weapon is 20 to 1 in the region where the Russian troops attack Ukrainian positions.

This serves as one more proof of the statement that Ukraine needs more heavy weapons, tanks, anti-missile systems, and rocket-launching systems to be delivered to Ukraine in the upcoming days. Otherwise, the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers will walk together with high losses of our defenders' lives.

One of the last photos from Azovstal

One of the last photos taken by Ukrainian soldiers at Azovstal, Mariupol. Source:


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War Day 89, Kyiv, Ukraine

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