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Here’s How You Can Help

There are several ways how you can help Ukrainian people save their lives and defend their homes.

  • Donate,

  • Share information about the war in Ukraine,

  • Support Ukrainian refugees that had to flee to your country,

  • Share contacts details of reliable suppliers of the equipment that can be used by Ukrainian territorial defense forces and humanitarian organizations,

  • Share our contact details with the media. 

If you do not know how you can help or would like to hear more from the people of Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information contact Maksym Sydorenko:

+38 097 520 1476


Russian crimes in Ukraine

Some 17 people injured as result of air attack in Mariupol


The number of refugees fleeing Ukraine has reached 2 million (UNHCR)


Russian troops have launched an airstrike on the central square of Kharkiv

Five people were killed and five others wounded in the attack on the TV tower



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